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12-10-2020, 02:32 PM
When Will Love on the Spectrum Series be aired on Netflix?

This production, which contains a lot of meaning, will be a consultant to many disabled individuals. This production will also connect them to life and teach them how to achieve what they saw as impossible. Love on the Spectrum, one of the most meaningful content on the Netflix platform, will be presented to the audience on 22.07.2020.

Love on the Spectrum Subject

Finding love is a challenge, whoever you are. However, for young adults on the autism spectrum, this can be a little more challenging. Netflix's new documentary series Love on the Spectrum tells about the world full of relationships such as love, friendship, and romance between young adults on the autism spectrum.

We see a perspective on how several people in Love on the Spectrum, whose trailer aired, were trying to find their life partners and struggling with their understanding of love. “What is the most important thing in life? Many people would answer the same — love. There's a common misconception that people on the autism spectrum aren't interested in relationship or romance.

In my experience, "that's just not true," said the director. Cian O'cleary said in a statement. "Over the years, I've spoken to families, business coaches, psychologists, and autism organizations, along with many young adults on the autism spectrum, while doing television series about disability.

Something really stood out. Many people on the spectrum wanted to find love, but most of them had never had a love story in their lives. Some people's primary desire in life is to have a partner, and these people unfortunately didn't even get through a date. This is proof that something is wrong.

In the love series on the spectrum, it is about seven singles who take their first steps into the world of friendship. To navigate confusing experiences such as modern friendship, we find that they are getting help from their families as well as experts who help provide practical skills. The series also includes success stories. In those who watch this series, a basis of success can be formed.

"As a storyteller, I felt we had the opportunity to explore this topic by shedding light on the struggles faced by many people on the spectrum seeking meaningful relationships," said O'cleary. "I hope these series conversations start something, help understanding and acceptance. Ultimately, we are helping people with autism find ways to inspire others with their love for their families, communities, and people across the spectrum."