View Full Version : Burcu Biricik's New Series on Netflix is Fatma! Who Is In The Cast Of Fatma?

12-29-2020, 10:15 AM
Burcu Biricik's New Series on Netflix is ​​Fatma! Who Is In The Cast Of Fatma?

Burcu Biricik's new series has been announced. Turkey's new Netflix series Fatma's leading role in the domestic Located in the zodiac series of screens with the latest Ravens will be unique. Fans of Burcu Biricik, who will portray the Fatma character who gave the name to the series, share this news on the social network. Well, who is in the cast of Fatma? Has the broadcast date of the Fatma TV series been announced?

Netflix Turkey, Fatma has announced its new series of social networking accounts. Netflix Turkey, the main character of the series by sharing their unique Zodiac's photo social network accounts, "Welcome to Fatima. Exciting began a countdown," he notes fell. Details about the cast and release date of Fatma are expected to be announced later.

Subject of Fatma TV Series

Learning about this unexpected murder of Zafer's dark connections, Fatma realizes that she has no choice but to commit murder in order to survive, while continuing to search for Zafer, on the other hand, she continues to commit murder as a cleaning woman. How the subject of the series, which seems to be liked with its extraordinary scenario, will be determined with the coming seasons.