View Full Version : Beyond Good & Evil Comes to Netflix as a Movie!

12-10-2020, 02:26 PM
Beyond Good & Evil
Beyond Good & Evil is Back on the Screen as a Movie for Netflix Years Later!

Beyond Good & Evil, one of the legendary games of the French game manufacturer Ubisoft, comes to the screen this time as a movie years later. Beyond Good & Evil, which Ubisoft offered for sale for the PC platform years ago, was highly appreciated by the players at that time, whether it be game dynamics, graphics, vehicle and character designs. In this cartoon, the actors feel like they are in a cartoon and go from adventure to adventure.

Beyond Good & Evil
The cartoon graphics, which were made mocking the game reality, were pretty good even at that time. The story of the game was of course fun and exciting. Naturally, when the game was liked this much, the second version of the game was expected to appear, but the game did not continue.

However, in an unexpected decision, it was agreed with Netflix. As a result, Netflix has agreed to bring the legend of Beyond Good & Evil to the screens as a movie. While the movie will be a mix of live action and anime, a motion picture adaptation of Beyond Good & Evil game will soon be on the platform, according to the Twitter post. However, no clear date has been shared yet.

Released in 2003, the game stars an investigative journalist named Jade and accompanies Jade's adventure on the space invasion planet.