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12-10-2020, 02:27 PM
Ornament of Murder
What is known about the movie "Suspect of Murder" on Netflix

It was gratifying for us that Netflix started to make more Turkish movies like murder. But we want to see more local movies. There are also various artifacts on the platform. Atiye, Hakan Guard, Rise of Empires: Ottoman productions that stand out recently. Finally, a TV series called Love 101 was released on Netflix. Let's see what other movies we will watch in the future. If you are researching the subject before watching the movies, this article is for you.

The murder conspiracy describes the adventures of a murder squad trying to solve a mysterious serial killer case. The murder table, which consists of Chief Commissioner Emin, Commissioner Salih, Commissioner Asuman and Deputy Commissioner Alaattin, faces an interesting case. A series of murders are happening. He could not find any evidence or clue from the research team regarding the successive murders.

Ornament of Murder
The media and the public are more involved in the increasing number of murders. The inability of the team to make any progress creates great pressure on Captain Emin and his friends. Meanwhile, the chief of police appointed "crime expert" Dizdar Running to Emin's team to help resolve the case. Overwhelmed by the pressure on them, Emin and his team resort to every method to solve the strangest chain of murder they have encountered. We'll see where this cat and mouse game goes.

The film stars Uğur Yücel (Chief Commissioner Emin), Binnur Kaya (Commissioner Asuman), Cengiz Bozkurt (Commissioner Salih), Feyyaz Yiğit (Crime Expert Dizdar Running), Mert Denizmen (Deputy Commissioner Alaattin) and Mehmet Özgür. Ali Atay sits in the director's chair of the film, written by Aziz Kedi and Feyyaz Yiğit.