View Full Version : Can Season 2 of Bodyguard In Richard Madden Come?

12-10-2020, 02:30 PM
Could Season 2 of Bodyguard's Richard Madden Series Come?

Richard Madden stated that he was meeting with the creator of the series, Jed Mercurio, for Season 2 of Bodyguard, which aired on Netflix.

Richard Madden, known as Robb Stark in the Game of Thrones series, attracted attention with his performance in The Bodyguard, which was recently released on Netflix. In the series, Madden stars as war veteran David Budd, who works as a special bodyguard for the London Metropolitan Police. The series is based on the story of David Budd, who is tasked with protecting Home Secretary Julia Montague after preventing a terrorist attack, who is caught between her mission and her beliefs.

The series, which was shown on the BBC in the UK and reached high ratings, received generally positive reviews from the audience with its 6-episode season. Therefore, it raises the question of whether Season 2 of the series will be filmed.

Richard Madden looks warm into bodyguard season 2

According to Entertainment Weekly, Richard Madden announced that he was working with TV show creator Jed Mercurio to film Season 2. The successful actor stated that he has great ideas for the new season and would like to see David Budd's new adventures.

On the other hand, Jed Mercurio stated that he attaches great importance to ensuring gender equality in the series. He was very proud of what he could reflect in the series. Mercurio stated that many women in Britain have a place in politics. Based on this information, we can assume that if Season 2 is shot, there will be more female characters in the new season.