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Default Will there be Season 5 of La Casa De Papel?

Will there be Season 5 of La Casa De Papel? La Casa De Papel Season 5 Tips

After La Casa De Papel's Season 4 aired, fans started to wait for the next season, Season 5, to air. Season 4 episode of La Casa De Papel, one of the most popular and most watched TV series in the world, was broadcast on Netflix worldwide on April 3 and attracted great attention. So, will there be Season 5 of La Casa De Papel?

Since its launch on the Netflix platform, the Spanish TV series LaCasa De Papel has gained intense attention. Season 4 of the series, which has a large production and cast, was released on April 3 as 8 episodes. In Season 4, actors like Ursula Corbero (Tokio), Alvaro Morte and Pedro Alonso played La Casa De Papelde. After Season 4, the theme of Season 5 and its players began to be wondered.

When Will La Casa De Papel Season 5 Be Released?

No photos or trailers were released to Netflix for Season 5 of La Casa de Papel. But given the huge popularity of the Spanish series worldwide, it is believed that it will continue. The show's creator, Alex Pina, explained that they haven't been able to verify that they have thought of episode five yet, saying: "Someone knows there will be, but this is not us."

La Casa De Papel Season 5 Claims

Paco Ramos, global director of original content for Spain and Latin America on Netflix, announced that next seasons will be "if it goes well". "Spanish website Marca also suggested that the series be renewed for seasons five and six.

However, writer Javier Gomez spoke with Santander el Mundo about his return from the show. He said the following; "We play games like Simeone with La Casa de Papel. Episode by episode, row by row, row by row. We don't know how long the show will go on. If we had to know, we wouldn't have thought of killing Berlin."

This news was confirmed by Pina on May 13, who told Deadline how the fifth season will come, but he was unable to provide further information. In a humorous statement, if I explain further, "Netflix will put a bomb in my house." He used the phrase

New Players at La Casa De Papel

New actors such as Hovik Keuchkerian (Bogota), Najwa Nimri (Alicia), Fernanda Cayo (Tamayo) join the cast in La Casa De Papel, which returns like a bomb in Season 4.

Subject of La Casa De Papel TV Series

A criminal mastermind called a professor plans to make the biggest heist in history. Its purpose is to enter Spain's Royal Mint. To do this, he assembles a team of 8 criminals who are professional in their business. The team goes through a 5-month training period, during which every possibility is considered to perfect the heist. Now everything is ready. 8 people lock themselves in the Royal Mint of Spain and take the hostages with them, but events they never take into account happen.
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