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Default Broadcasting from Father to Son on Netflix!

It was stated that this production, which managed to attract their attention, will come to Netflix. It was made official as a date. The Place The Pines movie will be broadcast on the Netflix platform on September 1. We wish you a good time already ...

Bringing Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper, two rising stars of the latest Hollywood movies, the film was screened from father to son at the 32nd Istanbul Film Festival. The film was released in our country in June.

Director Derek Cianfrance's father-to-son movie after Brother Tied and Blue Valentine was enough to stir excitement since the first day of bringing these two names together. Free-spirited Luke (Ryan Gosling), who performs dangerous moves with his motorcycle, learns he has a child.

He decides to tidy up his life. A police officer Avery (Bradley Cooper) crosses paths in a bank robbery. When Luke dies in a shootout, Avery, a new police officer, is suddenly declared a hero for his efforts.

The film's second ad focuses on Bradley Cooper, whose first fifty minutes are almost identical to only Ryan Gosling's character and performance in Drive. Portrayed by Bradley Cooper, Avery's career journey begins with the hypocrisy he encounters and continues with the story of his children.

In this sense, the flow divided into parts sometimes creates unnecessary fiction and length problems. The first two episodes reflect the theme of justice on drama and crime very well. Luke's experience brings to mind the question of how fair life is, while the illegal incidents and cover-up Avery faced in the police force allude to the systematic order of justice.

But suddenly 15 years later, the magic breaks down and the movie turns into a youth drama that betrayed its previous episodes. Adolescents who do not have good relations with their families, ambitious parents buried in their work, children who do not notice the mud that their children have sunk, marriage parties, etc. it gets deeper because of it.

Despite the script-related issues, Cianfrance did a good job behind the camera. I guess to you me, she and Sean Bobbitt, the cinematographer we know for hunger and embarrassment have done great shots. You may continue to be surprised by the foreign scenes you remember after the movie is completed.
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